Are you looking for the best vegan tofu recipes? Tofu is a wonderfully versatile ingredient. Use it as one of your main ingredients for an easy weeknight meal. Here are the 101 best tofu recipes. Enjoy!

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101 vegan tofu recipes.

What Is Tofu?

When you’re a plant-based eater or simply looking for a meatless protein to add to a meal, tofu I the answer you need. It is made from soybean curds and is a low-calorie, no-cholesterol food filled with calcium and iron. The process of making tofu involves coagulating soy milk to create the curds. These curds are then pressed and compacted into white blocks that can range in texture from silken to super firm. 

The List: 101 Best Vegan Tofu Recipes

In this list of vegan tofu recipes, you’ll find healthy tofu stir fry, quick breakfast scrambles, ramen, curries, tofu steak, the perfect marinade ingredients, and more.

Tofu Recipes for Stir Fries

A tofu stir fry recipe may be a more traditional method of using and enjoying tofu. Stir-fry recipes are relatively easy to make and the perfect way to dip your toe into vegan cooking if you aren’t too familiar with it. 

A vegan white plate with tofu, broccoli, rice and chopsticks.
Tofu Broccoli Stir Fry
Tofu Broccoli Stir Dry by Piping Pot Curry. Cooked with tender broccoli and served over rice, this easy tofu broccoli stir fry will make you wonder why you ever ordered takeout.
Make it!
A vegan stir fry recipe featuring tofu and vegetables served over rice.
Tofu Stir Fry
Every bite will make you feel like you’re in your favorite Chinese restaurant with this easy savory tofu stir fry by Rainbow Plant Life.
Make it!
Vegan tofu and broccoli served in a white bowl with chopsticks.
Quick Teriyaki Tofu Stir Fry
Plant Based On A Budget made this in under 20 minutes, this healthy and hearty stir-fry recipe is perfect for any occasion.
Make it!
Tofu Vegetable Fried Rice
Tofu Vegetable Fried Rice
A great oil-free recipe by The All Natural Vegan. This tofu fried is perfect for meal prepping and freezer-friendly.
Make it!

Tofu Recipes for Stews and Soups

Here are some delicious tofu recipes for soups and stews. They are tasty all on their own or topped with your favorite greens such as green onion, cilantro, or basil. 

Two white bowls filled with coconut Thai soup.
Vegan Tom Kha Soup With Tofu
Made with tofu and fresh veggies, you can whip up this meat-free traditional Thailand dish!
Make it!
A bowl of noodles with vegetables and mushrooms.
Vegan Ramen with Rice Noodles, Tofu and Vegetables
Easy to make and packed full of flavor, this is the perfect dish that’s a classic take on traditional ramen.
Make it!
Large bowl filled with vegan ramen and veggies.
Vegetarian Ramen Recipe
Make your own vegan-friendly ramen with this easy recipe idea. It’s packed with veggies, protein, and flavor!
Make it!
Vegan Thai Coconut Soup with Crispy Tofu
Make your own copycat Thai food at home with the help of this delicious Thai coconut soup.
Make it!
A vegan tofu soup with vegetables and noodles.
Slow Cooker Vegan Miso Ramen Soup with Tofu
Warm and bursting with Asian flavors, you’ll love mixing this easy ramen soup right in your slow cooker.
Make it!

Tofu Recipes for Curries

These delicious recipes for tofu curries are divine. Enjoy them over a bed of rice for an extra-filling meal. White rice, brown rice, or cauliflower rice can all be tasty, depending on what you’re in the mood for. 

A vegan skillet with tofu and spinach.
Green Tofu Curry
Skip the takeout and try this delicious batch of one-pan green curry tofu.
Make it!
A person enjoying a delicious bowl of vegan soup.
Indian Tofu Curry
This creamy and fragrant curry takes less than 30 minutes and requires a handful of simple ingredients.
Make it!
A bowl of sweet potato and peas with a fork.
Vegan Matar Paneer (with Tofu Paneer!)
Made using just five ingredients, now you can make this classic Indian restaurant staple at home.
Make it!
Vegan Thai tofu curry served with rice and chopsticks in a white bowl.
Vegan Panang Curry with Tofu & Vegetables
The mix of sweet and crunchy pairs perfectly with this delicious Panang curry.
Make it!
A bowl of curry with tofu in it.
Tofu, Coconut and Mango Chutney Curry
Bursting with flavor and served over rice, this easy curry is ready quickly.
Make it!
A bowl of vegan tofu curry with rice and naan.
Easy Creamy Tofu Korma 
If you are a fan of curry, you will love this easy house-style korma made vegan with tofu!
Make it!

Vegan Salads With Tofu

Are you looking to enjoy tofu in different ways? Using organic tofu in a salad adds a great source of protein for a filling meal.

A bowl of noodles and vegetables with chopsticks.
Vegan Egg Roll in a Bowl
This crunchy salad won’t get soggy, and it tastes like an egg roll too!
Make it!
The Best Vegan “Egg” Salad
This delicious no-cook egg salad is a great lunch idea, perfect for Tartine or a sandwich.
Make it!
Easy Vegan Caesar Salad
Easy Vegan Caesar Salad
Classic Cesar salad with a creamy dressing made from tofu! Who would have thought?
Make it!
Vegan Egg Roll in a Bowl
Skip takeout with this easy and simple egg roll-inspired veggie bowl recipe.
Make it!
A vegan salad with tofu and avocado on a plate.
Ginger Sesame Tofu Chopped Salad
Simple chopped green salad with crispy tofu on top.
Make it!
Vegan Tuna Salad
A fishless version of a classic staple, now you can make your own tuna salad without the tuna!
Make it!
Grilled Vegan Cesar Salad With Crispy Tofu Croutons
This grilled vegan Cesar salad is so good! It has crispy tofu croutons and a tahini-based dressing.
Make it!

Tofu Recipes for Pasta and Noodle Dishes

From zoodles, squash noodles, Italian noodles, and more. These vegan recipes are a great way to let your taste buds dance!

Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta
This easy pasta recipe uses a homemade pasta sauce. It’s made from roasted veggies and tofu!
Make it!
Tofu stir fry in a black container with chopsticks.
Vegan Peanut Butter Tofu Zoodles
Ready in 30 minus and dairy-free, this easy tofu zoodle recipe is a great meal prep option.
Make it!
Thai fried rice in a wok with a wooden spoon.
Thai Drunken Noodles
Make this drunken noodle recipe using just one pot and only 30 minutes of work for an easy and delicious recipe.
Make it!
A bowl of pasta with meat sauce and parmesan cheese.
Easy Tofu Tomato Pasta With Vegetables
This vegan pasta dish is simply delicious. The sauce is made mainly from tomatoes and tofu.
Make it!
A wooden bowl with noodles and peppers in it.
Thai Basil Tofu Recipe 
Loaded with crispy tofu and drenched in a sweet and spicy sauce, it only takes 20 minutes for an easy and delicious dinner recipe.
Make it!
Spaghetti with tomato sauce and bread on a gray background.
Vegan Chicken Parm (Tofu Parm)
Make your own take on chicken parmesan with this amazing tofu version that is vegan-friendly.
Make it!
A plate of ravioli with lemon and parmesan.
Vegan Tofu Ricotta Ravioli
This vegan ravioli is made from scratch! Filled with tofu ricotta and topped with a creamy butter sage sauce, it won’t disappoint!
Make it!
A vegan asian noodle casserole made with tofu.
Tofu Noodles
Naturally, gluten and vegan-friendly, these tofu noodles are easy to make!
Make it!
A slice of lasagna on a plate with a fork.
Homemade Vegan Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta
Who says that you have to have meat for a lasagna? This vegan lasagna uses tofu to make a hearty pasta dish.
Make it!
Vegan tofu stir fry with vegetables and rice.
Tofu Chop Suey
Make your own take on this American Chinese classic using tofu in this delicious chop suey recipe.
Make it!

Tofu Bowl Recipes

Some of my favorite tofu recipes are bowls. They are usually pretty quick to assemble and great for on-the-go lunches. 

A vegan bowl filled with vegetables and tofu.
Mediterranean Tofu Buddha Bowl – Avocado Skillet
Make your own Mediterranean-inspired Buddha bowl that is high in protein and vegan-friendly.
Make it!
A bowl of food with a spoon.
Baked Tofu Burrito Bowl
This delicious burrito bowl is packed with cilantro lime rice, black beans, veggies, avocado, and tofu.
Make it!
A bowl of chicken and broccoli with chopsticks.
Baked Peanut Tofu Bowls
Baked peanut tofu bowl with sliced avocado, roasted veggies, lettuce, and more.
Make it!
A bowl of rice and a bowl of meat on a table.
Korean BBQ Tofu Bowl With Spicy Mango Slaw
For dinner, make this vegan entree with sweet and spicy BBQ Korean tofu, sauteed vegetables, and quinoa
Make it!
Two bowls of food on a table.
Sweet Ginger Tofu Poke Bowl
Create your own poke bowl using tofu instead of fish with this easy poke bowl recipe.
Make it!

Tofu Marinade Recipes

There’s nothing like taking a solid block of tofu and transforming the taste with a delectable marinade!

Vegan Sweet and Sour Tofu
Tangy and flavorful, this vegan tofu has the perfect combination of sweetness and spice.
Make it!
Tofu Katsu 
A perfect hearty and flavorful meal, you can’t go wrong with this savory tofu katsu recipe.
Make it!
A bowl of food with chopsticks.
Asian Tofu Marinade
Transform your tofu from average to amazing with this easy Asian tofu marinade.
Make it!
Easy Tofu Marinade
This simple tofu marinade will make even the blandest tofu flavorful again!
Make it!
Buffalo Tofu
Ready in 30 minutes, you have an amazing snack or appetizer with these easy buffalo tofu strips.
Make it!
Vegan tofu and broccoli dish served in a white bowl with chopsticks.
Sticky Miso Tofu
This salty-sweet mixture combines for an easy and addictive sticky miso tofu that is so good!
Make it!
Sesame Crusted Tofu 
This crunchy and flavorful tofu makes the perfect addition to almost any meal!
Make it!
Tofu cubes on a baking sheet.
Easy Baked Tofu
Make this super easy marinated tofu that pops right in your oven for delicious protein.
Make it!
Crispy Air Fryer Tofu
You only need five ingredients and 15 minutes to get this delicious crispy tofu that always comes out perfect.
Make it!
Tofu and broccoli on a plate.
Firecracker Tofu
Marinated, then fried, and coated in a special sweet and spicy sauce, this vegan-friendly firecracker tofu is easy to make.
Make it!
Kung Pao Tofu 
If you love Chinese food, you will love the delectable flavors in this flavorful kung pao tofu and veggies.
Make it!
Braised Gochujang Tofu 
A quick and simple flavor-packed dish that is sure to become a fast favorite, this spicy Korean tofu only takes ten minutes to make!.
Make it!
Maple Glazed Baked Tofu
This super easy tofu recipe requires just a few easy ingredients for a simple and easy marinade you won’t be able to stop eating.
Make it!
Keto Firecracker Tofu
Perfectly crispy on the outside and soaked in a sweet and spicy firecracker sauce, every bite is so delicious!
Make it!
Chili Garlic Tofu
Chili Garlic Tofu
Healthy, sweet, and easy recipe; you can’t go wrong with this chili garlic tofu recipe.
Make it!
A vegan plate with tofu and rice on it.
Spicy MaPo Tofu
You won’t miss takeout when you get a bite of this Schezwan MaPo Tofu!
Make it!
Vegan dish featuring tofu and rice, served with chopsticks.
Pan Fried Tofu 
This easy pan-fried tofu is a crowd-pleaser: quick, easy, and crispy and made in just 15 minutes.
Make it!
Tofu on a plate with rice and sauce.
Spicy Tofu
This simple and easy spicy tofu recipe is simple to make and makes a great dinner recipe.
Make it!
Crispy Vegan Orange Tofu
Crispy Vegan Orange Tofu
This crispy vegan tofu is tangy and sweet and so easy to make!
Make it!
A bowl of tofu with vegetables in it.(Vegan, tofu)
Tofu in Peanut Sauce
This easy vegan recipe will satisfy your craving for Asian takeaway with this easy tofu in peanut sauce.
Make it!
Vegan tofu dish with broccoli.
Sticky Maple Garlic Tofu
Ready in 20 minutes and so easy to make, this Maple Garlic Tofu is packed with so much flavor!
Make it!
Chicken nuggets in a white bowl with parsley.
Nutritional Yeast Tofu
Moist, delicious, and crispy, this crunchy golden tofu can be a tasty snack or main dish.
Make it!
Vegan Kung Pao Tofu
Vegan Kung Pao Tofu
Kick takeout to the curb with this easy kung pao copycat recipe.
Make it!
A bowl of tofu and broccoli with sesame seeds and chopsticks.
Sticky Tofu with Sweet Chili Sauce
The sticky tofu is soft but still crunchy on the outside for a flavorful Asian-inspired tofu recipe.
Make it!
A plate with vegan fried bread sticks and tofu.
Panko Tofu
Use panko to make delicious breaded tofu for a quick and easy tofu recipe that is so versatile.
Make it!
Korean Braised Tofu
Korean Braised Tofu
Coated in a sticky and sweet gochujang sauce, this will convert even avid tofu haters.
Make it!
A vegan dipping sauce being dipped into a bowl of tofu chicken fingers.
Quick & Easy Buffalo Tofu
Packed with so much flavor and ready in 30 minutes makes, this the perfect game-day appetizer or dish for busy nights.
Make it!
A vegan bowl of Asian tofu with broccoli.
Miso Marinated Tofu
This miso tofu is packed full of flavor and baked until golden brown!
Make it!
A bowl of tofu and vegetables with chopsticks.
Easy Miso Marinated Tofu Cubes w Ginger
Create your own miso-marinated tofu with only four easy ingredients.
Make it!

Tofu Recipes for Cheese

Did you know that you can make vegan cheese out of tofu? Check out these easy tofu recipes. 

Vegan Halloumi Cheese
Make your own vegan Halloumi cheese for BBQs and picnics.
Make it!
A bowl of dip with crackers and crackers.
Vegan Tofu Ricotta
Use tofu for making your own ricotta cheese with just five simple ingredients that are pretty close to the real thing.
Make it!
Vegan tofu bowl with tomatoes and olives.
Tofu Feta
Make your own feta out of tofu with this easy four-ingredient recipe.
Make it!

Tofu Recipes for Dessert

I would have never thought that tofu could be associated with dessert. However, talk about a mouth-watering treat!

Two bowls of chocolate pudding with nuts on top.
No Cook Chocolate Pudding
This chocolate pudding requires zero cooking for a delicious tofu-based pudding.
Make it!
A dessert in a cup with a spoon on top.
Easy Eggless Silken Tofu Tiramisu
This tiramisu is a quick and easy dessert by What To Cook Today. It’s dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free and doesn’t require any cooking or baking!
Make it!
Vegan chocolate mousse with raspberries and mint.
Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
You can assemble this delicious chocolate raspberry mousse using just four simple ingredients.
Make it!

Tofu Recipes for Sandwiches and Sandwiches

Using tofu in sandwiches is a great way to take a protein-packed meal on-the-go. 

A person holding a vegan tofu sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes.
Vegan Tofu Bacon BLT Sandwich
You won’t even miss the bacon in this tofu BLT sandwich!
Make it!
Two vegan tofu burritos on a plate.
Buffalo Tofu Wrap
These wraps are packed with flavor and ready in just five minutes!
Make it!
Four vegan tofu wraps on a wooden cutting board.
Gluten-Free Tofu Thai Wrap
The tofu and veggies combine to make an amazing wrap with Thai-inspired flavors.
Make it!
A stack of tofu vegan burgers on a plate.
Easy Crispy Buffalo Tofu Sandwich
A perfect and delicious tofu sandwich that combines breaded tofu that isn’t fried and layered with sprouts and veggies for a quick and easy sandwich.
Make it!

More Tofu Recipes

These unique tofu recipes are everything you have been looking for. They are simply delicious!

How To Make Puffed Tofu
How To Make Puffed Tofu
Airy, golden brown, and full of flavor, these make a great appetizer or side dish!
Make it!
Firecracker Vegan Lettuce Wraps
Creamy sesame sauce tops these firecracker tofu lettuce wraps, and it won’t disappoint.
Make it!
A vegan plate with tofu and dill.
Easy Vegan Mayonnaise
Quick and easy to make, you only need five ingredients to make this easy vegan mayo.
Make it!
Two bowls of rice with spinach and tomatoes.
Vegan Palak Paneer 
Ready in just 40 minutes and very easy to make, this palak tofu is so flavorful and delicious.
Make it!
Vegan tofu dish served with rice.
Vietnamese Tofu in Tomato Sauce
Made in tomato sauce for a comforting veggie dish, this simple Vietnamese tofu is packed full of so much flavor.
Make it!
A tray of tacos with slaw and sauce on it.
Buffalo Cauliflower Tofu Tacos 
Combine healthy and delicious with this easy buffalo cauliflower and tofu tacos.
Make it!
Chinese vegan dumplings in a bowl.
Tofu Wontons 
A perfect and delicious appetizer recipe for a light dinner or lunch made with plant-based ingredients.
Make it!
Vegan Paella with Tofu
Vegan Paella with Tofu
Comforting, flavorful, and family-friendly, this paella recipe is made with tofu and is so good!
Make it!
A person dipping a croutons into a bowl of soup.
Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip
This creamy onion dip is full of flavor, and you won’t even know it has tofu!
Make it!
Lettuce wraps with vegan tofu and avocado on a table.
Tofu Crumble for Vegan Tacos
Oil-free and gluten-free, this tofu crumble taco meat is perfect for making your own vegan tacos.
Make it!
Huevos a la Mexicana 
With fresh and authentic flavors, this Huevos a la Mexicana is a fun take on the classic tofu scramble.
Make it!
A burger with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.
Tofu Burger
Ready in just 35 minutes, this easy juicy tofu burger is full of smoky flavors for an easy copycat whopper recipe.
Make it!
Two vegan bowls of tofu and rice on a wooden table.
Tofu Peanut Sauce
This delicious vegan rice bowl is a comforting and easy dinner recipe for great leftovers.
Make it!
A plate with a few bites of vegan tofu meatballs on it.
Tofu Meatballs
Made in either the oven or the air fryer, these easy and hearty meatballs are perfect on their own or with your favorite pasta dish.
Make it!
Vegan grilled tofu corn skewers with sauce on a plate.
Tofu Satay 
Make your own delicious tofu with this easy satay recipe! It’s full of protein and a great vegan appetizer or main dish.
Make it!
Vegan tofu tacos on a white plate.
Crispy Vegan Tofu Tacos 
This delicious and filling taco recipe only takes 30 minutes to make a quick and easy taco night recipe.
Make it!
A bowl of vegan buffalo wings with a tofu-based dipping sauce.
Air Fryer Tofu Wings
These tofu wings taste so meaty and crispy, and they’re the perfect wing substitute.
Make it!
Vegan tofu nuggets in a bowl with dipping sauce.
Air Fryer Tofu Nuggets
If you’re looking for an easy nugget recipe, you’ve got to try this plant-based option!
Make it!
Vegan tofu dish garnished with sesame seeds.
Teriyaki Tofu and Eggplant
This recipe comes together so fast in just 30 minutes with a homemade teriyaki sauce!
Make it!
Grilled vegan tofu skewers served on a plate.
Tofu Skewers
These tofu skewers are perfect for a sandwich or to enjoy as skewers. This recipe is so versatile and made in either the oven, grilled, or oven baked.
Make it!
A plate of vegan fried bread with tofu sauce, served with chopsticks.
Tofu Sesame Toasts 
Inspired by a classic Chinese appetizer, these sesame toasts are crispy and delicious appetizers or finger food.
Make it!
Mushroom Vegan Egg Scramble
Functional mushrooms and protein-packed tofu make this hearty egg scramble that will keep you full.
Make it!
Individual Vegan Pot Pie with Tofu
Individual Vegan Pot Pie with Tofu
Combining tofu, veggies, and the flaky baked crust mix makes a vegan version of this classic pot pie. The perfect cold-weather dinner by My Darling Vegan.
Make it!
A plate of vegan fried dumplings with tofu filling and dipping sauce.
Tofu Vegetable Crispy Wontons
Tender in the middle but still crispy outside, you’ll love this amazing crowd-pleaser.
Make it!
Grilled vegan tofu skewers on a parchment paper.
Vegan BBQ Tofu Skewers
The marinade mixes perfectly with the tofu to create a flavorful and amazing skewer recipe that can be made on the grill or in the oven.
Make it!

Tips For Cooking Tofu

As you’ll soon see below, there are many great ways to make tofu. But these tips will help you ensure it comes out amazing every time. Here are my best tips. 

Vegan tofu and broccoli bowl served with rice and chopsticks.

1. Drain it.

Blocks of tofu are always packed in water. You’ll need to drain that water to get the best flavors. But it’s not just about pouring that packing water out. You should press or squeeze the block of tofu to get that excess water out. With waterlogged inside of it, your tofu won’t soak up the flavors of your marinades or become crispy in a frying pan. 

You’ll need to use a tofu press or press it out yourself. Without a tofu press, you can wrap the block in paper towels and then set a cast iron skillet or another heavy object on top of it. While it’s best to prepare this about an hour in advance, even just 30 minutes will help significantly. 

2. Marinate and/or season it.

Tofu has no flavor of its own, which makes it a great blank slate for so many incredible recipes. However, you need to add those flavors to it. The recipes below will help you achieve that beautifully but always remember tofu won’t taste good if you don’t add that flavor. 

3. Crispy tofu needs cornstarch.

In addition to draining and pressing, if you want those crispy cubes of tofu, you’ve got to coat it with cornstarch. 

4. Get your pan hot.

When frying tofu, you’ll get the best results with a super-hot pan. Make sure your pan and your oil warm up enough to give it that good sear. And while you’re at it, use an oil with a high smoking point to get that ultimate crisp. 

A sandwich is stacked on top of another sandwich.

What type of tofu should I use?

  • Silken Tofu: Silken tofu has the highest water content and a lovely custard-like texture. It’s great for use in blended recipes or when you need something creamy like smoothies, puddings, desserts, sauces, and dips. You can also use it to substitute for eggs in a baking recipe. 
  • Firm Tofu: Firm tofu really absorbs flavors well and stands up to stir-frying and pan-frying techniques. But you can also crumble it with ease, making it great for scrambles or to replace ricotta cheese in your recipes. 
  • Extra-Firm Tofu: Extra-firm tofu retains its shape quite well, making it ideal for cubing, slicing, and all types of frying styles. Plus, you can grill, bake, or crumble it too. It’s very versatile. However, it is harder to infuse with flavor, so keep that in mind when seasoning. 
  • Super-Firm Tofu: Super-firm tofu has a dense texture and is high in protein. It is easier for those new to tofu to work with, though it does tend to dry out more quickly if you’re baking or grilling.

How to improve the texture and taste of tofu

  • Press Tofu: Pressing tofu helps remove that extra water, allowing it to absorb all the flavors from your dish. You’ll find you enjoy the taste much more when you’ve taken the time to get that excess water out of there. 
  • Boil Tofu: Put out a pot of hot, salted water and blanch your tofu in it. This freshens its flavors and warms it up before you pop it in with other ingredients. Blanching tofu works the same way as it does for vegetables, slightly cooking it and seasoning it too. It brings out a better texture and flavor, though be careful! You want the water at a simmer, not a boil, or the tofu will become less tender and won’t soak up your recipe’s flavors. 
  • Freeze Tofu: You can also freeze tofu before working with it. This changes the consistency so it is firmer, stronger, and spongier, allowing it to hold its shape better and soak up flavors. 
A bowl full of vegetables and tofu in a white bowl.


What is the best way to eat tofu?

The best way to eat tofu is to combine it with flavors you typically enjoy. If you’ve never cooked tofu before or are tired of the same recipes, look below to find 75 amazing ways to cook it!

What does tofu pair well with?

Tofu pairs well with rice, noodles, soups, and more. It is amazing with vegetables, soy sauce, ginger, oyster sauce, gochujang, and other Asian flavors but surprisingly great with flavors that aren’t Asian too. For inspiration, check out the recipes below!

Is it better to pan-fry or bake tofu?

Pan frying is great but does run the risk of getting stuck to the pan. When you bake it, it gets that crispy outside and that soft, pillowy texture inside that makes it so enjoyable. 

Final Words

If you liked this plant-based tofu recipe roundup post, then I would be sure to check out 40 Best Vegan Jackfruit Recipes, 40 Best Chocolate Dessert Recipes, 50 Vegan Cake Recipes, 60 Vegan Casserole Recipes, 75 Vegan Crockpot Recipes, and 75 Best Vegan Soup Recipes.

A collage of pictures showing different types of food.

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