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Hello! I’m Rae

Nutritionist, Blogger, Mom + Wife

Rooted in the great Pacific Northwest, I’m the flannel-wearing, dog-loving, green-living mom behind Raepublic. When I’m not changing the color of my walls or reorganizing my living room, I am researching, creating, and sharing delightful plant-based recipes for a healthier, happier you!

This site was born when I opted to “lean” into a plant-based diet. At first, I only took to this habit at home, not wanting to burden hosts when I was invited over for a meal. 

A year later I opted to go all-in. I taught myself how to cook, and decided the next logical step was to share my hand-crafted plant-based recipes with the world. Raepublic was born. 

I’ve learned that a plant-based diet improves not only my physical health but also my emotional well-being. I had an epiphany after starting this venture, I can’t stomach the thought of causing any creature pain or suffering that is even remotely close to what I have been through in life. The factory farming industry in the United States is absolutely horrific – for meat production and dairy alike. I believe that if I am not willing to kill an animal myself, I shouldn’t be eating them. 

Life is a process full of joy, pain, healing, and growth. Throughout all of it, I choose to operate in a mode of learning. My passion for learning prompted my Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Since completing my Master’s, I have been expanding my blog to include all things holistic living. This includes plant-based recipes, health and wellness, organic gardening, sustainability, mom life, and off-grid living.

Over the Years

the Raepublic Journey

Launched my Blog & Posted my first Recipe

When I first started, my blog was called Salty Rymes. I love poetry, so I thought the name was a good combo.

Can you guess what my first recipe was? It was this Mouth-watering Guacamole recipe. It’s still a family favorite!

Hit 5k Followers on Insta

Rebranded to Raepublic.

Hit 100 Recipes on my Blog!

Hit 100k On Instagram

Hitting 100k on Instagram was a big milestone at the time. Looking back now, there are much more important things.

Posted My First 50 Recipes!
Started a Master of Science In Nutrition

I began my MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States. My aim was to get my MS in Nutrition to become a CN (Certified Nutritionist) so that I could speak more from a scientific background through my blog.

Hit 150 Recipes on The Blog

Branched Outside of Recipes

With my growing knowledge of nutrition and functional medicine, I started writing and sharing more content and blog posts in addition to plant-based recipes. These include blog posts on holistic health and wellness, sustainable living, mental health, plant-based cooking tips, low-waste to zero-waste living, mom life, off-grid living, and more.

Had My First Kiddo

Jon and I had our first (and only) kiddo. She is incredible, smart, and beautiful.

Graduated UWS with MS in Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Started Focusing More On My Blog

The Raepublic Blog Is Growing

The Raepublic blog has been growing. I feel like I have finally figured out the balance between SEO and quality content that is meaningful to my readers.

Coming Soon…

our team

we’re a talented group of gals



The voice and creator behind all things Raepublic. She develops all the recipes and writes content for the blog and social. She is a photographer and videographer as well.


Photographer & Videographer Fam

This is a family business. They help capture some of the visual content that is shared here on Raepublic.



Jennifer is a wizard with her words. She writes helpful and informative (but not boring) content with a special focus on food ingredients and recipes.