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Hello! I’m Rae

Nutritionist, Blogger, Mom + Wife

Rooted in the great Pacific Northwest, I’m the flannel-wearing, dog-loving, green-living mom behind Raepublic. I have a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Helping people achieve balance in both their diet and lifestyle is my passion.

When I’m not running around with my daughter, I am researching, creating, and sharing plant-based recipes and holistic living content to help you become a healthier, happier you!

Raepublic exists to help those who have experienced trauma live holistic and well-balanced lives through nutrition, plant-based eating, eco-living, mindfulness, and movement.

Health and well-being can be many things and look different for every person. Raepublic is here to support you and help you thrive by providing easy-to-understand, accessible tools.

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Why Plant-Based?

Supported by Scientific Evidence

Research has shown that a plant-based diet improves not only physical health but also emotional well-being.  

Plant-based diets are so much more than “just salad.” Plant-based recipes incorporate everything from whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts to fruits and vegetables. With so many unique and flavorful ingredients available to use, I haven’t missed anything from my past omnivorous diet. It’s amazing what you can create with your own hands from whole ingredients, including traditional staples like homemade vegan “cheese”!

Personal Beliefs

Like many others, I am on a journey of healing. I have survived trauma (you can learn about my past in this post; trigger warnings apply), and I am learning how to thrive.

As a result of my own story, I can’t stomach the thought of causing any creature pain or suffering that is even remotely close to what I have experienced.

Over the Years

the Raepublic Journey

Going Plant-Based

This story began when I opted to “lean” into a plant-based diet. At first, I only took to this habit at home, not wanting to burden hosts when I was invited over for a meal. A year later, I opted to go all-in, and I taught myself how to cook vegan meals. 

The Launch of Raepublic

As I continued on my plant-based journey, I decided that the next logical step was to share my hand-crafted recipes with the world. 

Can you guess what my first recipe was? It was this Mouth-watering Guacamole recipe. It’s still a family favorite!

Posted My First 50 Recipes!

Hit 5k Followers on Instagram
Raepublic Grew to Over 100 Recipes

Hit 100k Followers on Instagram

Hitting 100k followers on Instagram was a big milestone at the time. Looking back now, there are much more important things.

Began a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

I began my Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States. My aim was to become a Certified Nutritionist (CN) so that I could use proven scientific knowledge to help improve the lives of people who have experienced trauma.

Raepublic Grew to Over 150 Recipes

Branched Outside of Recipes

With my growing knowledge of nutrition and functional medicine, I started writing and sharing more content and blog posts in addition to plant-based recipes. These include blog posts on holistic health and wellness, sustainable living, mental health, plant-based cooking tips, low-waste to zero-waste living and mindfulness.

Had My First Kiddo

Jon and I had our first (and only) kiddo. She is incredible, smart, and joyful.

Graduated UWS with MS in Nutrition & Functional Medicine
Refocus The Raepublic Vision

Raepublic started out sharing plant-based recipes. After grad school, things started to evolve. Raepublic aims to assist those who have experienced trauma to live a more holistic, well-balanced life.

Accepted into Raptive!

A big goal for most bloggers is to get enough traffic to qualify for a good ad network. (Ad networks serve the advertisements that show up on any website.) Raepublic his 100k page views per month and got accepted into Raptive!

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The voice and creator behind all things Raepublic. She develops all the recipes and writes content for the blog and social. She is a photographer and videographer as well.

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Photographer & Videographer Fam

This is a family business. They help capture some of the visual content that is shared here on Raepublic.


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