Is your mattress non-toxic? What about eco-friendly and made from organic materials? The average mattress on the market is infused with flame retardants. Flame retardants include a multitude of nasty chemicals including but not limited to brominated flame retardants, hexabromocyclododecane, and organophosphate flame retardants (talk about a mouthful). My first line of thinking is that if an”ingredient” is that hard to pronounce it probably isn’t good for you.

Part of the problem with flame retardants (besides the fact that they are toxins) is that they don’t necessarily stay where manufacturers intend them to be. They end up in the dust, on our hands, clothes, and in our air. In addition, they can accumulate in those places over time. When we unintentionally inhale or ingest flame retardants, they can negatively impact our health. For example, brominated flame retardants are the most abundantly used and can negatively affect neurological development in children, disrupted thyroid function, cause reproductive issues, and increase the risk of diabetes [1].

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I’m on a mission to make our home as sustainable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic as possible. When looking for a new mattress, I searched high and low for a brand that made non-toxic, eco-friendly mattresses and I found exactly one company, Avocado Green Mattress. They even have a vegan option! Their vegan mattress is made with organic cotton in lieu of their standard natural New Zealand wool. Avocado Green Mattresses are made from 100% natural latex rubber that is sustainably harvested, up to 1,414 pocketed support coils, and certified organic cotton (or wool). They are free from polyurethane foam and toxic flame retardants. Aside from peace of mind from knowing that I’m not breathing in toxins as I sleep, their mattress is incredibly comfortable.

When getting their all-natural pillow topped mattress, I upgraded our pillows at the same time. Avocado Green Pillows are non-toxic and vegan as well. They are made from natural latex, organic certified Kapok fill, and wrapped in a certified organic cotton cover. Are you wondering what the heck Kapok fill is? I did too. It is a fiber from the ceiba tree and makes for an all-natural fluffy alternative for down. It’s also conveniently hypoallergenic, sustainable, non-toxic, and grown pesticide-free.

I figured if I was going to go all-natural, eco-friendly with my mattress and pillows I might as well upgrade to a new sustainably made, non-toxic bed frame from Avocado Green Mattress at the same time. Their bed frames are made from 100% reclaimed wood and left natural or finished with a zero-VOC option. (I went for their white washed Natural Wood Bed Frame.)

Avocado Green Mattress is an environmentally conscious, ethical company making all of their products sustainably in the United States. Amen. I am so thankful I found Avocado Green Mattress and can sleep easy knowing that I’m not adding toxic chemicals into our home.


[1] Dufour P, Charlier C. Brominated flame retardant: environmental and exposed individuals’ health impact. Annales De Biologie Clinique. 2017;75(2):146-157. doi:10.1684/abc.2017.1221.

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