Many of my readers have been asking for a sneak peek into our yurt! We are moved in and getting settled. (There are still boxes that need unpacking, though.) Our eco yurt build took much longer than anticipated due to several factors. (It seems like sifting through all the building footage is taking almost as long.) I didn’t want to leave you hanging any longer, so I’m sharing a little sneak peek into our kitchen, specifically our beautiful ZLINE appliances. 

This is a sponsored post.

Overall photo of Raepublic's yurt kitchen with pine tongue and groove vaulted ceiling.

We considered several factors when deciding what materials and products to use in our yurt build. We knew we wanted to be intentional. Use natural eco-friendly materials when possible. Enhance and elevate the beauty of our home. Ensure that what we used would perform well and last.

When searching for appliances with attainable luxury, elevated style, and professional performance, we knew we wanted to go with ZLINE. We knew we wanted our kitchen appliances to blend in with our cabinets and stand out simultaneously. With ZLINE’s flawless black stainless steel, they blend in with our black cabinets and make a statement all at the same time. 

How can appliances be eco-friendly?

When evaluating the eco-friendliness of appliances, there are several factors to consider. 

Energy Efficient

Does it use a minimal amount of energy? Is it Energy Star Certified? 

If it has lights such as the inside of the refrigerator, oven, or range hood, are they LED?


Is it made from natural and recyclable materials? ZLINE appliances use high-quality steel, solid cast iron, glass, brass, and alloy where possible. All of these materials are high quality and recyclable. 

Is there minimal plastic? Some plastic is unavoidable. For example, a lot of dishwashers have plastic tubs. On the other hand, many use stainless steel for their tubs (like ZLINE).


When an appliance is made from high-quality, durable materials like the ones ZLINE uses, products simply last longer. A long-lasting appliance means you are lowering your ecological footprint. 

Raepublic kitchen featuring Black Stainless Steel Counter-Depth Fridge, 36" Range, and Range Hood Insert cladded in wood.

ZLINE’s Sustainable Luxury

I am a big fan of companies actively addressing an issue. ZLINE is actively taking concrete steps to make its products and company more sustainable. They use electric forklifts in their distribution facilities, have reduced their packaging materials by 35%, and are actively working towards more of their appliances achieving an Energy Star rating. 

They are also active participants in their community of Lake Tahoe. Partnering with local non-profit organizations like Clean Up The Lake, Protect Our Winters, Clean Up The Trash, Clean Tahoe, Tamba, and the Tahoe Fund. 

Counter-Depth Refridgerator

Who doesn’t like saving money? Ensuring your fridge is ENERGY STAR certified can save you money on your electricity bill. Who doesn’t want that? 

ZLINE’s Black Stainless Steel Counter Depth Fridge is ENERGY STAR certified! It has a 22.5 cubic feet capacity, adjustable shelves, and LED lights. Its shell is made from fingerprint-resistant 430-grade black stainless steel with a modern flat floor design. 

Additionally, it has two humidity-controlled crisper drawers to keep your food fresh. Cutting down on food waste can greatly minimize your ecological footprint. Did you know that in addition to using your crisper drawers, storing leftovers in airtight glass containers keeps your food fresher for longer?

The freezer drawers are incredibly convenient and easy to organize. The built-in ice maker can easily be turned on or off, depending on your needs. This is great because when you aren’t using a lot of ice, you can simply turn it off and conserve energy and water. 

Counter-depth black stainless steel refrigerator from ZLINE appliances.

36” Black Stainless Steel Range

We aim to make our home as eco-friendly as possible. However, we are completely off-grid. Living in the PNW with over eight months of cloud cover and rain, we knew we would have to utilize some propane. We knew this during the build process and were looking for a professional propane range with impeccable style. We opted for the ZLINE 36” Black Stainless Steel Gas on Gas Range.

The ZLINE gas-on-gas ranges are simply stunning. Its grates are solid cast iron that will last a lifetime. The burners are flawless, hand-crafted in Italy. The cooktop is no-scratch porcelain that will withstand the amount of cooking I do and the type of “cooking” my kiddo does. The shell of this range is made from premium 304 black stainless steel.

Thirty-six inch ZLINE black stainless steel gas range next to black cabinets and a stainless steel range hood insert.

Range Hood Insert

I kept going back and forth on our range hood. Did I want a black stainless steel range hood that made a statement all on its own, or did I want an insert to wrap in wood? Eventually, we opted to go with a range hood insert. Since the cabinets and appliances are all black, having a wood-wrapped range hood adds warmth to our kitchen and pairs well with our butcher block countertops. 

The ZLINE range hood insert is where elegance meets power. It has a high-performance 4-speed motor and built-in LED lights. Its stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher safe. 

Microwave Drawer

We weren’t sure if we would have upper cabinets when we first designed our kitchen. We knew we wanted a microwave drawer built into the island, regardless of whether we went with upper cabinets. Having a microwave drawer really elevates your kitchen. 

Have you ever looked at a microwave screen and wondered (for way too long) which button would actually make it turn on and heat your food? The ZLINE Black Stainless Steel microwave drawer touchscreen is easy to use, with convenient cooking and multiple defrost settings. It also has an effortless open and close drawer with the touch of a button. 

ZLINE black stainless steel microwave drawer inset into an island of black cabinets with a butcher block counter top.

Panel-Ready Dishwasher

We opted for a panel-ready ZLINE Tallac Dishwasher, and we don’t regret it. It is so quiet that we forget that it’s even on. This allows us to enjoy our home and the sounds of nature even more. 

With eight different wash cycles to choose from, it gets our dishes cleaner than any dishwasher we’ve ever had. (Seriously.) On top of that, it surpasses industry standards for water and energy efficiency and offers a 304-grade stainless steel tub. 

Panel ready ZLINE dishwasher inset into black cabinets with a wood drawer pull.

Final Thoughts

We love our yurt kitchen. It feels luxurious. Attainable in part by ZLINE’s elevated style and professional grade appliances.

Thank you, ZLINE, for sponsoring this post! All information and opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Absolutely stunning kitchen! I love that the appliances blend with the cabinets but are also the star of the show too.