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1. My go-to first step at improving my mood is to embrace my emotions. 

Sometimes it can be hard to shake a mood because we don’t address it. Anytime I start to feel a funk roll in I ask myself three questions. 

  • What am I feeling? So name the mood/feeling. Are you sad, scared, angry, etc.?
  • Why am I feeling this? Did something happen? Did an event or conversation trigger a past experience?
  • What can I do? Is there an action(s) you can take right now to address your feelings? Do you need to have a conversation with someone and share why a certain topic is triggering to you? Are you beating yourself up about something? Or do you need to focus on yourself for a few minutes or the entire day? In which case, read on.

2. Talking to someone is also a great way to boost your mood. 

I know for me personally, one of the best ways to improve my mood is to talk to someone about all of it. Whether that be a psychologist, a spouse, or a friend each can be helpful (as long as they know how to listen).  

3. If you don’t have someone to chat with journalling is the next best thing when it comes to boosting mood. 

Another method for improving your mood is to journal. Write about whatever is on your mind. Write about how you’re feeling, why you think you’re feeling that way, leave it all on the pages. Then, write about what you are grateful for. Journalling on a regular basis or just when you feel the need also allows you to tangibly see progress through the pages. You can look back in six months or a year and see how far you have really come which can be really powerful. 

4. Once we’ve embraces the emotions and addressed them a next step to improving your mood could be meditating. 

I know meditation can seem overwhelming and difficult if you haven’t done it before but it can be mood-boosting and even life-changing so it is definitely worth a shot. 

5. Taking a shower can also be an easy way to boost your mood. 

Taking a shower or a bath can be rejuvenating and leave you feeling refreshed. Also, changing your temperature can snap you out of a bad mood so taking a shower or a soak in a tub accomplishes that as well. 

6. Getting into nature can do wonders for improving your mood. 

Even if it’s just five minutes in your backyard, kick off your shoes and let your toes wiggle in the grass. Or, if you live in the city, a nearby park or rooftop garden can suffice. Utilize your senses, feel the breeze, touch the grass and trees, and listen to the birds. You can also take advantage of the sun and soak up some vitamin D. 

7. Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Ever heard that before? 

Get out and work out. Do a physical activity you enjoy. If you can’t think of anything or don’t have a habit of exercising, my go-to is stairs. Either stairs in your home or stairs in a public space. Try walking up and down the stairs for 1 – 2 minutes followed by as many pushups as you can do on the stairs (makes the pushups easier). Repeat for 5 – 10+ minutes. 

8. Pet a pet. When has snuggling a furry friend not made you happier?

Do you have a furry friend that you can spend a few minutes with? If not, head outside and go for a walk you might just run into one and a friendly owner that would allow you to pet their dog and even give them a hug. 

9. Give someone a hug. 

Hugs literally make us feel better, we actually need human contact to thrive so find a friend and hug away. 

10. Do a random act of kindness for someone. 

Doing something nice for someone else can make you feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy happiness. Ideas for this could be buying the person behind you a coffee, making a bouquet of flowers from your garden and taking them to your neighbor, baking some goodies and taking them to work, or even better making an amazing fruit platter to share with your colleagues. 

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