When Jon and I got married over seven years ago now – the only “furniture” we bought new was the TV. Everything else was either from family, craigslist, thrift shopping, or things we already had, which was awesome. Now that we have been married for a bit – know our style better, and have the opportunity to get some new furniture, etc. I’m on a mission to make our home as eco-friendly and toxin-free as possible. We, as humans, think about and even sometimes participate in a detox to cleanse our bodies. Why not do the same with our home? Below are my top five ways to detox your home in a big way.

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1. Mattress + Pillows

When it’s time to get a new mattress, make sure you get one that is free from toxic flame retardants, is all-natural, and made with organic materials if possible. The only one I’ve found that meets these criteria is from Avocado Green Mattress. Their mattresses are made from 100% natural latex rubber that is sustainably harvested, up to 1,414 pocketed support coils, and all-natural New Zealand wool. (Their vegan option is made with certified organic cotton instead of the wool.) Avocado Green Pillows are made from natural latex, certified organic Kapok fill, and wrapped in a certified organic cotton cover. Both are sustainably made in the United States from all-natural materials and are incredibly comfortable. 

2. Bedding

If you’re thinking about going organic outside of food, I’d think about upgrading your bedding to organic. Did you know that conventionally grown cotton has more insecticides sprayed on it than any other single crop in the world? The pesticides used on cotton crops alone is a multibillion-dollar industry. What’s worse is that the organophosphate class of pesticides (which are used on cotton) were originally developed during World War II as nerve gas. Think about making your bed with traditional sheets and breathing that in all night. No thanks. I have tried a few different organic sheet sets as well as duvet covers and my favorite is Alterra Pure. Their sheets and duvet covers are woven out of GOTS certified organic cotton, are incredibly durable, wonderfully soft, and sustainably made. (You can use code Raepublic for 15% off.)

3. Sofas

Sofas these days are often made with foam cushions. Awesome right!? Not usually. The foam used is generally made from polyurethane and petroleum byproducts, just think you’ll be breathing that in for the life of the sofa. Maiden Home sofa cushions are made using renewable soy-based foam which won’t be off-gassing any petroleum byproducts because they don’t contain them. Maiden Home also doesn’t add flame retardants to their furniture either. Talk about resting easy. 

4. Wood, Metal, and/or Stone Furniture 

“Wood furniture” is not necessarily made from solid wood. Often times furniture that looks like solid wood is made from MDF and a wood veneer or wood looking veneer. This furniture is less durable and simply doesn’t last as long, costing you more money in the long run (since you’ll have to buy new furniture more frequently), and overtime adding even more to your ecological footprint. When it comes to purchasing quality, durable furniture that also minimizes its environmental footprint go with American made (if you’re in the US). Most recently Jon and I got some new furniture from Room & Board including a reclaimed wood console bookcase made from douglas fir and natural steel, a round coffee table made from marble quartz composite with a natural steel base, as well as a couple of cubby benches made from natural steel. One of the things I like most about Room & Board is that their furniture is made to last, from real materials and they even share with you exactly where it’s made.

5. Paint

Zero-VOC paint is where it’s at. That being said, not all Zero-VOC paints are created equal. Zero-VOC paint purchased from big box stores are good; however, the tint they use to get the paint just the right color, normally isn’t. It’s usually filled with toxic chemicals just like regular paint is. This is why Clare paint is the best choice. You buy online, direct to consumer, and it is genuinely Zero-VOC as well as GREENGUARD Gold certified. This is the highest standard, guaranteeing fewer pollutants and low chemical emissions. I honestly also love that Clare has fewer (better) color choices because seriously, who needs 500 different yellows to choose from? Talk about a headache.

(I’m in no way recommending that you go out and buy all new furniture etc., but when the time to replace the above items in your home or you have a room that needs painting the above are some of the best options.) 

Paint Shopping Simplified

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*Thanks so much Alex of Streamline Seattle for all the interior design advice and nudges! I couldn’t have done it without you.

*Thanks Kayleigh of Wild Kind Photography for capturing the mattress + pillow, sofas, and wood, metal, and/or stone furniture photos.

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