So…it’s the Winter/Holiday season and many people are celebrating and buying/exchanging gifts, so I thought I would share some of my favorite vegan gift ideas

1. FlavaNaturals Chocolate 

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate can you? I recently tried FlavaNaturals chocolate and it is seriously the smoothest, most delicious chocolate ever. They have a FalvaBar (chocolate bar) in several mouth-watering flavors and the FlavaMix (chocolate drink). The FlavaBars contain 5x the flavanols as your standard dark chocolate bar has and the FlavaMix contains 9x the flavanols as a standard dark chocolate bar. They are vegan, gluten-free, and non-gmo too! If you go this route don’t blame me for your new chocolate addiction. 

2. Stasher Bags

These bags are the new ‘it’ thing to have when it comes to food storage. Stasher bags are plastic-free reusable ‘ziplock’ like bags made from silicone. They are perfect for food storage and are dishwasher safe. On top of that you can freeze them and cook in them too (up to  400°F).

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3. Schmidt’s Naturals

Ok, I know that deoderant and soap may not be your first ‘go-to’ gift idea, but trust me, the receipient will thank you (and you’ll thank yourself because they will smell AMAZING)! Hands-down this is by far my favorite all-natural vegan deoderant. They have some amazing Winter Scents and I’m a big fan of their Cedarwood + Juniper too. In addition to deoderant, they offer wonderful soap (which I love) and toothpaste (which I have yet to try, but I’m sure it’s legit). 

4. Parker’s Real Maple

If you love maple syrup this makes for a great gift choice. Parker’s Real Maple offers traditional maple syrup thats as tasty as can be, and they also have a spicy maple syrup that is so good (don’t worry it isn’t super spicey, it’s just right)! My favorite of all though has to be their maple cotton candy! Oh! They also have a mouth-watering maple butter that might just change your life.

5. Everly

Everly is a thirst-quenching drink that contains a whopping 5 all-natural ingredients, making it a zero calorie goddess. It’s a healthier, better tasting drink for on the go and every day use (think vitamin water or gatorade but 100% all-natural and sugar-free). It comes in a concentrated powdered form, so all you do is scoop some into a water bottle or a cup and add water. One pouch costs $12.50 and contains 30 sixteen ounce servings. (Jon and I have found that we prefer it at about half strength, making one pouch equivallent 60 servings.) BONUS: For every pouch sold, everly donates a treatment of life-saving rehydration salts to mothers in rural Zambia. 

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