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1. Instead of a fake tree made from plastic or cutting down a real tree that will inevitably die, think about a potted tree that you can plant outdoors afterward. There is also a really cool pine tree, the Norfolk Island Pine that does well indoors even in low light so you could invest $50 in a 4-5′ tall potted tree that you can decorate for the holidays but also enjoy all year long.

2. Wrapping paper is not recyclable. Instead, think about using newspaper, or brown kraft paper (it’s also made in white) which looks cute with twine wrapped around it and a sprig of pine, spruce, fur, or rosemary branch.

3. If you want to get creative, you could use multipurpose gift wrap such as cool kitchen towels or clothing (which also count as a gift).

4. For presents, think about re-gifting or upcycling a good quality item that is in great condition. We all have things in our home that we are not in love with or that we know someone else could better utilize. Why not give that item to a friend or family member for them to love and enjoy?

5. If you’re not a fan of re-gifting, think about making your friends and family something like a jar of homemade cookies or assembling the dry ingredients for your favorite homemade brownies or soup in a mason jar with handwritten instructions on how to make it.

6. If you aren’t into the DIY presents, think about gifting useful eco-friendly presents. Ideas for this could include (non-plastic) glass or metal water bottle, homemade infused olive oil, mushroom farm (grow your own edible mushrooms at home to cook with), or organic bedding.

7. Gift a lesson(s). Are you a great baker and have a friend that wants to learn? Are you an avid hiker and have a relative that really wants to get their feet wet but is nervous? Learning to bake or how to start out as a hiker are great gifts.

8. Gift an experience. Take your friends and family snowshoeing or ice skating or even a pleasant walk in the snow followed by a nice cup of homemade vegan hot cocoa of course.

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