35 Best Substitutes For Dill

35 Best Substitutes For Dill

With its unique flavor profile, dill is a staple in many kitchens, especially for those who enjoy experimenting with different herbs and spices.

But what if you’re out of dill or want to try something different? No worries!

Here’s an extensive list of 35 substitutes for dill weed. Whether you’re making a salad, soup, or any other dish, these alternatives will ensure your cooking never lacks flavor.

1. Fresh Dill Weed 2. Dried Dill 3. Dill Seeds 4. Fresh Tarragon 5. Dried Tarragon

6. Fresh Curley Parsley 7. Fresh Italian Parsley 8. Dried Parsley 9. Fresh Chervil 10. Dried Chervil

11. Fresh Basil 12. Dried Basil 13. Fresh Rosemary 14. Dried Rosemary 15. Fresh Thyme

16. Dried Thyme 17. Fresh Mint 18. Dried Mint 19. Celery Greens 20. Celery Seeds

21. Fennel Bulb 22. Fresh Fennel Fronds 23. Fennel Seeds 24. Anise Seeds 25. Fresh Chives

26. Dried Chives 27. Fresh Cilantro 28. Coriander Seeds 29. Fresh Oregano 30. Dried Oregano

31. Bay Leaf 32. Caraway Seeds 33. Celery Seeds 34. Fresh Garlic 35. Garlic Powder

Get the full list here!

Get the full list here!