31 Best Substitutes For Parsley

31 Best Substitutes For Parsley

Exploring the world of fresh herbs opens up a realm of different flavors and cooking possibilities.

Parsley, a common herb known for its bright green color and earthy taste, is a staple in many kitchens.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the 31 best substitutes for parsley. Each offers unique flavor profiles, ensuring that your dishes maintain their distinct tastes even when you’re out of this parsley.

Embark on a flavorful journey and explore the best substitutes for parsley. From different parsley varieties to other fresh and dried herbs to rich leafy greens.

1. Fresh Curly Leaf Parsley 2. Dried Curly Parsley 3. Fresh Italian Parsley 4. Dried Italian Parsley 5. Hamburg Parsley

6. Fines Herbes 7. Fresh Chervil 8. Dried Chervil 9. Celery Leaves 10. Carrot Tops

11. Arugula 12. Dandelion Greens 13. Fresh Chives 14. Dried Chives 15. Green Onions

16. Fresh Cilantro 17. Dried Coriander 18. Fresh Basil 19. Dried Basil 20. Fresh Thai Basil

21. Dried Thai Basil 22. Fresh Oregano 23. Dried Oregano 24. Fresh Tarragon 25. Dried Tarragon

26. Fresh Mint 27. Dried Mint 28. Fresh Savory 29. Dried Savory 30. Endive 31. Watercress

Get the full list here!

Get the full list here!