Some of you may know that I started Raepublic after going vegan and realizing that I needed to learn how to cook finally. There are a lot of things though that you may not know about me because they are random facts about me that wouldn’t naturally come up in any other kind of post so here I’m sharing 19 random facts about me. I hope you enjoy them!

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  1. I hated vegetables growing up. Mainly because most the veggies I was given were all canned and I thought they were gross. To this day I can’t stomach canned veggies, they literally make me want to puke. Now I love fresh veggies or frozen are great too!
  2. Growing up I did ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop for 12+ years. I loved it; it was an outlet of emotions for me.
  3. I used to hate dogs because I was attacked by one when I was a kid (I was such a cat person at the time too). My friend Kayleigh had a calm and loving chocolate lab named K.C. that won me over though, even then she was the only dog I liked. Period.
  4. During half of my sophomore year of high school and all of my junior and senior years, I attended the community college full-time instead of going to high school. (It’s a program offered in Washington State called Running Start).
  5. I could have graduated from HS early because I was taking so many credits as part of Running Start, but I figured out that if I stayed in HS officially, I could keep taking college classes and receiving college credits for free, so that’s what I did.
  6. I never took the SAT’s. I figured out that if I graduated from HS and waited one extra quarter to graduate with my associate’s degree, I would be considered a transfer student which meant no SAT’s.
  7. I lived in the same house my whole life until I was 19 years old and moved to China.
  8. I lived in Xi’an, China for two years and loved it dearly. I studied Mandarin, Chinese and taught English.
  9. When I moved to Xi’an, it was pineapple season, and I had never had fresh pineapple before. It was so delicious! I ate so much pineapple within the first few days of being there that my mouth broke out in sores from the acidity.
  10. One of my favorite forms of exercise is stairs. I love that you can just briskly walk up and down stairs and break a sweat. I’d do stairs over running for cardio any day.
  11. My hubby Jon and I grew up together but didn’t think romanticly about each other until we both moved away from home and then moved back.
  12. When Jon and I started dating, he had a two-year-old pup named Amber Bear, and I was so not a fan of her. Her personality is a bit like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh especially back when she was two. Of course, over time she grew on me and wrapped her little paws around my heart.
  13. I’m now proud to call myself a dog person and am totally not a cat person anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I like cats, I’d just rather they be other people’s pets, not mine.
  14. My favorite go-to breakfast is organic rolled oats, with a bit of maple syrup and a generous scoop of CB’s Nuts peanut butter. (Peanut butter in oats was Kayleigh’s idea, I thought she was nuts.)
  15. I love the rain. Seattle’s best-kept secret is that it’s Summers are gorgeous sun-filled days that aren’t too hot for months on end. After a few weeks straight of sunshine, I feel like I start to dry up like a prune and just want my rain back.
  16. I’ve lived in China (in Shanghai and Xi’an), Macau, Hong Kong, and just outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland. (I consider “living” somewhere as being someone for at least a month with most if not all of your personal belongings.)
  17. I’ve been to the Narita International Airport (outside of Tokyo) over ten times but have never been able to leave the airport due to the short layover times.
  18. Jon and I have a small plant nursery named Amber Bear Nursery & Farm that we started on our property. With our veggie gardens and fruit trees, we quickly ran out of space.
  19. Jon and I dream of buying a farm and living in a yurt. I dream of having little cabins and yurts on the property to Airbnb and an old barn to fix-up as a community gathering space to hold plant-based cooking, nutrition, fitness, etc. workshops and retreats (and the participants could stay in the little cabins and yurts).

*Thanks Kayleigh from Wild Kind Photography for capturing this photo of Jon and I.

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