I get asked a lot about how I went vegan. There is a LOT of different aspects surrounding how I went vegan but one of the BIG things that helped me on this journey was cleansing my kitchen and setting it up for success! I have gone through times of being 100% plant-based vegan (except for some kettle chips every now and then), to being not so plant-based, consuming processed vegan food whenever I like. Throughout this journey, I have always consumed a good amount of whole plant-foods but my intake of processed vegan foods have ranged greatly. 

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Tip One:

Have all your favorite dried beans, grains, nuts, and seeds in glass jars on your countertops and in your cupboards. This keeps all of your really healthy food and meal options right in front of your face. When you’re standing in the kitchen thinking “What should I have for dinner?” you can envision your meal coming together in front of you. That meal is also sure to be based on healthy plant-based ingredients (#goals). 

Tip Two:

Transfer all of your spices and herbs to pint-sized mason jars. Most spices and herbs come in containers with very small openings that you can’t get a teaspoon into, making seasoning those plant-based meals more difficult. Having your seasonings in a clear glass jar also enables you to see all of the colors and textures which to me, brings that much more inspiration to my cooking. 

Tip Three:

Cleanse your kitchen and home from all unhealthy food. We have one drawer in our kitchen that contains really delicious high quality dark chocolate bars. Aside from that we try to keep our cupboards, refridgerator, and pantry full with as much clean food as possible. If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it. 

Tip Four:

Have a variety of healthy sauces and dressings in your fridge to flavor and spice up your meals even further. This could be your favorite clean organic balsamic dressing, sugar-free ketchup, sriracha, and even a more indulgent less healthy vegan sauce or dressing that you have come to love and use every once in a while. 

Tip Five:

If you’re not a fan of prepping meals or just don’t do it, think about batch making some healthy vegan snacks one to two times a week. This could be washing and cutting up carrots and making hummus or making PB + Cacao Snack Bars out of dates and nuts. Of course, having your favorite fresh fruits on hand is helpful too. This way when you are starting to get hungry (or hangry) there is something already prepped and ready to snack on while you figure out your actual meal (don’t get me wrong carrots and hummus can totally be a meal in my book). 

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